Poetry Corner: The God-Given Library

Poetry Corner is here again, and I have a lovely one to share today! Today’s poem is written by Grace Noll Crowell, someone I had not heard of until writing my January blog post, and this is my third poem to share by her since then. I’m loving her style! If you can’t tell from the title, this poem describes the Bible. Enjoy!

My Bible

by Grace Noll Crowell

I have this library of important books–
It is encompassed in a narrow space,
But one can find within it if one looks
The mighty saga of the human race.
I am rich–I own the history of time.
I have access to the wisdom that God speaks.
Through it I have the impetus to climb
Beyond earth’s hills to heaven’s highest peaks.
I own the map of ages as I go
Certain of my charted destiny,
Following the outlaid course, I know
I shall arrive–as I scan earnestly
The footprints of man’s march across the sod
Toward the everlasting citadels of God.

What got me from the start is the description of the Bible as a library. If you’ve been following along, then you’ll know I love libraries. I work in a library. I want to visit libraries–local and around the world. I want to have a library in my own home!

So you see why the mention of a library captures my attention. Only this library is smaller than most–“encompassed in a narrow space.” It’s a reminder that the definition of a library is not necessarily a building lined with books (though I love that kind), but it is a space which contains valuable information. The Bible, then, must hold the most valuable information for it contains “access to the wisdom that God speaks.” If you will pardon the nerdy phrase, it is–like all other books–“bigger on the inside,” only the Bible is bigger on the inside than all other books. It can be read over and over again and requires a lifetime of study.

So, if I needed a reminder–which I all to often do–I have the most valuable and important library right under my nose. Now that’s something to consider.



Crowell, Grace Noll. 1958. Proofs of his Presence. New York: Abingdon Press.

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