A Bookworm’s Dilemma

See the stack of books pictured below? That’s my current to-read list. What’s more, most of them are library books and due within the next month. What’s more, I’ll be moving and starting a new job within the next month and a half, even though I’m buried in books.


As you see, I have a wide variety of books here. Some poetry, some informational books to brush up on my library skills, some classics, some memoirs, some sci-fi.

What’s gotten into me? A few years ago, I was one of those people who would never dare read more than one book at a time. This mindset was even documented on my blog in December 2014. What happened between then and now? Well, I’ve been working at a public library. That’s probably most of it. I’m always surrounded by people giving me book suggestions. I’ve made great use of Goodreads these past couple years, keeping track of my to-read list. Because of this, I also see what my friends are reading on Goodreads, and so my list grows.

With a growing list, I guess I’ve felt the need to read faster. Plus, I keep finding so many good books, and I don’t want to wait to read them, so I immediately check them out from the library–which is how I’ve ended up with a stack like this. Anyone else in this predicament?

Well, I’ll best be off now. I have some reading to do.


  1. Girl, I have this trouble too! To Kill a Mockingbird is great and personally, I didn’t enjoy The Bone Season. The Problem with Pain is on my list too!

    1. I’m glad you told me about The Bone Season. I’m just reading it for a challenge, but I kind of want to drop it because there is so much I’d rather be reading!

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