Narnia in Song

Today, I would like to continue on with the theme from two weeks ago, where I discussed the best quotes from The Chronicles of Narnia and some reasons why people love the Narnia quotes and stories. In that post, I talked about the general effect that Lewis’ words have on individuals. Today, I would like to share some specific instances in which people have grasped Lewis’ words and stories and, with a mix of their own creativity, have used them to express their thoughts and feelings through music. It’s amazing how many songs have references to Narnia in them. Not counting the ones written for the movies, there have been albums created specifically containing Narnia-inspired songs. These are often from Christian artists, as are the ones I will be sharing today (not surprising considering Lewis’ Christian themes).

To avoid repetitiveness, I will steer clear of the songs obviously inspired by Narnia, such as the ones that have been recorded on Narnia soundtracks or albums. Rather, the following songs are ones that I’ve stumbled upon over the years. The lyrics are obviously Narnian, and they are made so much better because of it.


“Nonny Nonny” by Chris Rice

From his album “Run the Earth, Watch the Sky,” this song tells about ways in which the narrator has caught glimpses of God throughout his childhood.

“My adolescent 70s reads just like the Pevensies’ adventures. ‘Cause every perfect now and then, I caught a glimpse of Aslan’s mane, and I longed for His treasure. Something in his mystery was drawing me to love the Author of my own biography” (Rice 2003).


“New” by Bethany Dillon

The Narnia reference in this one is more subtle, but it’s there. The CD insert for the album even says that this song is inspired by The Magician’s Nephew.

“What is this sun that conquers mountains, singing over what has been asleep?”

“You see all my pain. You cry over it for hours till I’m new again” (Dillon 2005). ~check out the quotes blog for this reference.


“In Like a Lion (Always Winter)” by Relient K

This reference from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is quite direct. Just look at the title!

“It’s always winter but never Christmas. It seems this curse just can’t be lifted. Yet in the midst of all this ice and snow, our hearts stay warm cause they are filled with hope” (Relient K 2005).


“The Lament of Eustace Scrubb” by The Oh Hellos

The title says it all on this one. The lyrics refer to the emotions and regrets of Eustace Scrubb after he becomes a dragon. This is one of my favorite chapters in the series!

“Father, have mercy. I know that I have gone astray. When I saw my reflection, it was a stranger beneath my face” (The Oh Hellos 2012).


“Silver” by The Gray Havens

This is one of the songs I’ve heard more recently. In an interview I read, they said its images are drawn from both The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair.

“Now the echoes were getting louder, and a chorus filled the air. When the voices fell they broke the spell that tied us to our silver chairs” (The Gray Havens 2013).


“Blessed Are the Ones” by Audrey Assad

I’ve mentioned Audrey Assad in past posts because I love her music. I like this song, too, especially because it’s lyrics reference The Last Battle. I’m not positive that this was intentional, but how can it not be?

“So further up and further in we got no place else to go. And when all we have is what we need it’s joy that we will sow” (Assad 2012).


“Endless Day” by Wavorly

The reference to The Last Battle is strong with this one, though it might take a true Narnia fan to notice some of the details.

“Endless Day, no further away, where present day will never end. I will run with no pain in my side. All shadows left behind.”

“Watching, Waiting. Further up, and further in” (Wavorly 2007).





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