Banned Books Week Approaching

With Banned Books Week coming up at the end of September, I wanted to unearth a blog I wrote a couple years ago about how the library can celebrate. Find my old post by clicking here! In this post, I share a few ideas of how libraries can decorate for Banned Books Week and bring awareness to the issue. I have re-posted the photos below, which are from three years ago–wow, time flies! In addition to these, we’ve also created numerous book displays. It’s crazy how many of my favorite books have been banned or challenged at some point in time!

Shred-it Contest: For this contest, readers had to guess which banned book we had shredded up. ***Don’t have a panic attack. We didn’t shred an actual book, just some copies of the pages.***



“Victim of Attempted Censorship” Display: For this, we traced one of our library employees on cardboard and mod-podged banned book covers onto the outline. The result–a fictional crime scene.



Banned Book Posters: Note–if you make these, don’t put the date so you can reuse them every year.




What are some other ideas you’ve put into practice for Banned Books Week? Feel free to share!


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