The Blogging Cycle

I’ve recently realized a pattern in my blogging habits–the more I have to do, the more I want to blog. When I first started my blog (nearly three years ago!!!), I was also starting graduate school. As if I wouldn’t already have enough to do, I added blogging to the list. That first month was insane. First of all, I was taking a hardcore class about school libraries. I remember it well–I had to observe a school librarian in action for several hours throughout the month. Plus, I built a pretty complex library website for an imaginary school. To this day, I am still proud of my “Grey Havens Middle School Library” website. (Anyone recognize where I got the school name from?) Every once in a while, I will show it off to friends and coworkers who are too kind to say that they have no interest in my past homework assignments.

At this same time, I was also working two jobs–one full time and one during the evenings and weekends. Even so, I still found time and energy to write blog posts.

Let’s compare that to the past couple months. December/January was interim, so no homework. And though I’ve had classes during the last few weeks, my homework has not built up yet. That leaves plenty of time for blogging, right? Yes, right. But did I use this time for blogging? No. But, on the bright side, I was able to finish several books from my to-read list! And I did think of several blog post ideas.

Now the pattern is repeating yet again. I see before me an uphill climb with jagged rocks made of complicated literature reviews and confusing cataloging procedures. Then, when I think I might be able to endure the climb, I’ll be taking the comprehensive exam to see if I can finally graduate school. Yikes!

And yet…AND YET…I feel like I want to work on my blog. In fact, during one of my next few posts, I’m going to begin a series called “Wise Words.”


Last summer, my friend gave me the most gorgeous journal I’ve ever beheld (see above). Since this journal is too elegant to hold my unelegant scribbles, I am using it for another purpose–to write down the words from other individuals that I find particularly touching or wise. Oh, how glad I am that this thought came to me! Since receiving this journal, I find myself constantly marking whatever book I’m reading with post-it tabs, so I can later write quotes in my journal. Other people have the habit of underlining quotes or making notes in the books themselves, but I can’t stand to do this. It’s not only the thought of ruining the book that bothers me, but also that I won’t be able to find the quote later. With my quotes journal, however, I can look back on and remind myself of past discoveries whenever I feel like it.

The reason I’m starting this blogging series is so the words and ideas I’ve discovered won’t be locked in a journal but will be shared. I can only hope that the blogging cycle I’ve been following won’t fail me now–as my to-do list for work and school lengthens. My real worry will be when I graduate this fall. I’m afraid that I’ll have so little to do that I won’t use blogging to distract myself or to procrastinate.

Until next time!


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