Poetry Corner: Precious books and a glorious afternoon




When I was younger, I shared a room with an older sister who must have had at least two shelves full of books. I was jealous, since I had only a small stack of books which I lined up on my desk. My goal was to have as many books as her one day.

And my wish came true. I now have four shelves of books (which have been weeded out various times). But among all of the books I have now, I still remember my original books…the ones that sat lined on my desk, waiting for company. Among those was Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Poems: Selected for Young People.

As you can see below, my copy of this children’s poetry book is worn and tattered, as it was when I first had it. Yet I kept a hold on it. Not only was it one of the few books I had, but it was one that I enjoyed looking through. One of my favorite poems to read was “Afternoon on a Hill.” To me, this described the perfect afternoon–full of sunshine, walking bare feet in the grass, and with bright, beautiful scenery to admire.



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