The Absence of Images

For anyone who’s scanned through my blog posts lately, you might have noticed something a little odd: the  absence of images. There might be many awkward spots where it seems like there’s supposed to be a picture, but there ends up just being an empty space. Well, there’s a reason for that.

I read through a couple blog posts concerning copyright laws for images (found here and here), and they really freaked me out. So I removed all of my photos for the time being (except for the ones I personally took). I’ll add more photos back on again, one blog post at a time. But it might take just a little while, since I’ll be double checking that every photo is following copyright laws. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!


  1. I always try to use my own pictures too. Also I always share them on my Flickr under Creative Commons license so others can use them although now with Top Ten Tuesdays I’ve overlooked that a bit.

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