My Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies

Finally the time of year has come where I never run out of things to watch. There are so many Christmas movies to watch and not enough time to watch them in! So, in preparation of squeezing in some extra hours on the couch, hiding from the cold (though it hasn’t been that cold here lately), I have made a top ten list of some of my favorite Christmas movies (in no particular order).

1. White Christmas: Sometimes, I discover people who haven’t ever seen this. What?! Danny Kay?! Bing Crosby?! How have you have missed out on that for so long?

2. A Christmas Carol: There are a billion versions of this (not exaggerating). My favorite is the George C. Scott version and The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. But I usually manage to squeeze the other versions in, too.

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas: I love everything about Peanuts–especially this. It just makes my heart so happy!

4. Meet Me in St. Louis: This covers every season of the year, but it has snow and a classic Christmas song in it, so it counts–right? The past few years my sister Becca and I have come up with a new tradition–making popcorn garland while watching this movie. It’s a fun way to start off the season!

5. The Preacher’s Wife: This is based off of the old movie, The Bishop’s Wife. If you’ve never seen it, then you’re missing out on some great songs.

6. The Christmas Box: This is based off of Richard Paul Evans’ book. It is a definite tear-jerker and a classic.

7. A Claymation Christmas Celebration: This Claymation show featuring classic Christmas Carols is hosted by two dinosaurs, and it guest stars The California Raisins. Need I say more?

8. Last Holiday: This Queen Latifah movie is pretty darn hilarious. It’s not that Christmas-y. But it’s funny!

9. Little Women: This isn’t exactly a Christmas movie, but it starts off on Christmas day. And one of my favorite parts happens on Christmas–I cry every time when Beth gets the piano!

10. The Christmas List: This is a nineties movie about a woman who writes a letter to Santa and magically receives everything on her list. This is definitely the cheesiest movie on this list, but it’s so good! And it’s so fun to make fun of! Maybe it’s because I grew up watching it that I like it so much.

Are any of your favorite Christmas movies not on this list? Let me know in the comments! 😀

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