A Dream Concert

Last night, I dreamed that I got to attend a concert of three of my favorite musicians–Ben Rector, JJ Heller, and The Vespers. If you haven’t heard of these artists, look them up and listen until you have all of their songs memorized (a method I often use). But if you have already heard of these artists, then you’ll know there is no way on earth that they will ever play at a concert together because they have completely different styles. It would require divine intervention for my dream to come true.

It was an awesome dream, though! I woke up from it with the intense desire to go to a live concert, something I haven’t gotten to do for a long while. For this reason, I looked up tour dates of all of my favorite musicians, only to discover that there is only one band I’ve heard of coming anywhere near me for the rest of this year.

This means that I’m already making hopeful plans to go to see HILLSONG UNITED in concert in OCTOBER! It might be three months away, but I’m already super excited at the thought of going.

I’ve never been an uber-fan of Hillsong, which simply means that I haven’t memorized all of their songs yet (though this will change before October). A few weeks ago, my dad emailed me a video of Hillsong United singing “Oceans,” and now it’s in my head most of the time. So, why don’t you also take a look, enjoy, and start singing along? You won’t regret it! It’s a long video, but keep watching because there’s an intense part near the end that always gives me the shivers.


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