Artistic and Musical Whovians

When I’m feeling down, one thing that helps is to have a friend who will kidnap me and take me to do fun things. Luckily, I have one such friend. Pretty recently, this friend (Ashlee)–who is infamous for lugging me off to several fun places like the zoo or the medieval fair–once again worked her magic by plopping me in her car and driving me to an art lesson–and not just any old art lesson. This lesson was special because we were learning how to paint the T.A.R.D.I.S. from “Doctor Who.” I know–you’re jealous–which is completely understandable.

Back in the day, I was big into art. I took art classes every year of high school and was even a member of the high school art guild. In college, I even planned to minor in art, but after one semester in, I realized the dedication and time that art classes required. Not being ready for such commitment, I dropped the art minor. (To all you art majors out there, good job! Creating great art is very time consuming).

Now it’s been many long years since I’ve taken any art classes, but attending the T.A.R.D.I.S. painting lesson with Ashlee made me remember just how fun painting can be. Walking into that paint studio took me straight back to high school art class with the smell of the paint and the laid back atmosphere which art classes seem to have.

Though I’ve painted on my own some over the past few years, it’s still been awhile since I’ve created anything. Though it took a few strokes to find my inner artist again, I eventually created my own T.A.R.D.I.S. painting, which I’m very proud of. Painting the blue box was pretty simple. However, being the controlled painter that I am, the background worried me for a bit. After slapping on a few colors and letting them drip and blend together, I started seeing colors that were less than appealing to the eye–murky brown being one of them. But after taking a deep breath to drive off the panic, I remedied the background as much as I could in the time allowed.


Another major part involved in creating art is…music. No one ever thinks about it, but music–for me, at least–is a must when painting or drawing anything. My high school art teacher understood this and always played background music. Even today, hearing Jack Johnson or James Blunt takes me straight back to high school art class.

Luckily, the instructor at this art lesson also understood the importance of music for art. Ashlee, however, took this a step further. She understood that not any music would do while painting the T.A.R.D.I.S. In this case, “Doctor Who” music was required, and Ashlee had some on hand. Chameleon Circuit is the great British whovian band which inspired us during our T.A.R.D.I.S. painting project. The video below shows a sneak peak of their music.

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