Call for Book Suggestions…Inspirational Romance

I usually don’t do stuff like this (ask for book suggestions) because there are already so many books on my to-read list, but I’ve been really craving some book romance. Not anything dirty. But more heart-felt and inspirational. But nothing cheesy, though, and nothing contemporary. The only author I can think of who meets all of these qualifications is Francine Rivers, who wrote The Mark of the Lion Series and Redeeming Love. (Check out her page here.)

Last week, I googled “authors like Francine Rivers” and came up with a list of possibilities, but I’m not sure which authors are best. I’m afraid I’ll pick one to read, and then find that I’ve walked into a Janette Oke-inspired made-for-television movie. Although I’ve never read her books and have nothing against them, I have a strong feeling I wouldn’t like them too much. For one thing, the husbands always seem to die in the Love Comes Softly movies (though of course the heroines end up finding a new love). And besides that, I’m not really into the old west (except when watching “Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman.”) –I probably shouldn’t have admitted that last fact, but there you have it. Anyone else remember that old nineties show?

Today, I randomly picked out an author from the online suggestions and started reading one of her books. Currently, I am sixty pages into The Widow of Larkspur Inn by Lawana Blackwell. Here’s the cover:

Anyone read her books? I’m enjoying this book so far. It hasn’t pulled me in intensely yet, but I have hope. One thing I like about Francine Rivers is that she usually deals in some way with deep or controversial issues. Lawana Blackwell, I can tell already, probably won’t be this kind of author…though I may be wrong.

Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to a little romance. It’s been since last summer since I read a good love story. I got more excited than I should have after reading the book summary, which says: “Andrew Phelps, Gresham’s new vicar and widowed father of two daughters, will capture your heart with his wonderful sense of humor and his secret admiration of Julia.” This sentence alone reveals exactly what I’ve been wanting to read…pure and sweet romance.

Though I’ve just started a book, I’ll soon be wanting to read more. Do any of you all know of inspirational romance authors who might meet my strict requirements? I’d love to hear about what you all enjoy!

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