JJ Heller’s Lovely Songs

One my favorite artists, JJ Heller, keeps coming up with very sweet, lovely songs, and I feel like sharing a couple of them. This first one was posted around Valentine’s Day. It’s a cute love song written by her and her husband. I absolutely love it!

This next one was recorded and posted right after it was written…at the beginning of the new year. Since then, I have downloaded it on itunes and listened to it countless times.

As I said above, JJ Heller is one of my favorite musicians. I first heard her song “Your Hands” on the radio back in 2009 or 2010, and now I own all of her CDs. She has some great stuff, and I’m looking forward to her next CD!

JJ Heller’s songs really stick with me. Some of her songs, when listening to them again, take me back to the first time I heard them. For example, I vividly remember listening to “Only Love Remains” on MySpace while working on the portfolio for my Creative Fiction class. The music, along with the sound of the wind chimes on the porch, has transformed even the thought of doing homework into a good memory.

Her CD “Loved” was especially helpful. Around the time that CD came out, I was really stressed out, so I would put on her CD to calm down. Now, every time I listen to the songs from that CD, I automatically feel relaxed.

So I advise you all to check out www.jjheller.com and discover some great music. 🙂

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