The Annual Struggle with Girl Scout Cookies

In just less than a week, I’ve already managed to finish off all of my Valentine’s candy. What a sad human being am I. And now I’m getting ready to face another challenge…Girl Scout cookies. Now is the time of year when innocent-looking little girls look for vulnerable adults in order to lure them in with thin mints, do-si-dos, samoas, and much much more.

Ever seen this on Pinterest or anywhere else?

I laughed when I saw this, but only because it’s slightly true. The struggle is real, people.

Just this evening, as I was strolling into Wal-Mart, there was a table of cookies barring the entrance, with little girls and their parents ready to entrap any passers-by. Don’t look them in the eye, I thought to myself as I walked passed. And thanks to that rule (and the fact that I didn’t have any cash on me), I was able to resist temptation. It also helped that just this morning, I bought some grasshoppers on sale. And by grasshoppers, I am not referring to insects. Rather, I am talking about these:

These taste exactly like thin mints and are available all-year long. There is also an even cheaper off-brand. Knowing that I can get these at any time takes the edge off the temptation to buy Girl Scout cookies…though I don’t know how I’ll be able keep my hands off of the do-si-dos.

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