A Nerdy Valentine

Happy late Valentine’s Day! I was planning to post this yesterday, but the day ended without me realizing it. My day was pretty uneventful. After working all day, I became preoccupied with rearranging my bedroom. After some great finds from Hobby Lobby, I was ready to redecorate my walls (which are now filled with dozens of holes–which I hope my landlord doesn’t notice). My neighbor probably didn’t like me much last night. I was hammering off and on until at least 10:30. I wouldn’t like me either. But at least my room looks great!

So, as you see, my Valentine’s Day was not at all Valentine-y (though I did receive my fill of chocolate…Butterfingers, Reese’s, M&M’s. My weakness!).

The nerdy tradition which the title of this post refers to took place the day before Valentine’s. Back in 2012, my sister Bethany and I decided–for some odd reason–to make Lord of the Rings Valentine’s cards for each other, and we have kept it up ever since then. Here are some of the results of the last four years:


m737t 502347  08009   0000012200780078007302110000 m737t 497353  08009   0005012201860186007302110000


me 2 beth 2




IMG_20150215_202132 IMG_20150208_214732

This year we didn’t take photos because–since it was an unusually nice day for February–we went on a walk/run and then looked too wind-blown for any picture-taking. (And before any of you start imagining me as a health nut, just know that we balanced out our walk/run with a nice dose of ice cream.)

And there you have it–my nerdy Valentine’s Day tradition.


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