For the Love of Valentine’s Day

So, this is the month of the wondrous St. Valentine, who–although he has a holiday dedicated to him–has no reliable history anywhere available on the Internet (that I can locate). I had these big plans to quickly look up the history of Valentine’s Day and to share my discoveries with you all, but my plans went awry. I quite like the story told at this link, but nothing else I’ve found completely agrees with this version of history.This website mentions the same story but also considers other possibilities of what might have happened. If anyone else has thoughts on the history of Valentine’s Day, I’d love to know them.

The reason I’m interested is because I love Valentine’s Day, but for no apparent reason. It might be because most everyone I know dislikes anything Valentine-related, and I am therefore determined to be cheerful despite their negative comments. It’s true–very few people I know actually enjoy the famous 14th of February–either because they’re single or because they’re in a relationship in which they are pressured into making plans. I’m part of the single group, but I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with whoever is available–friends, family, etc. I also look forward to any excuse of eating chocolate.

Does anyone identify with me, or am I completely surrounded by Valentine’s-Day-haters? Even in grade school, I loved celebrating Valentine’s Day. I loved decorating brown paper bags for people to put candy in, and I still have some of the old cards that kids used to pass out. I mostly use them as book marks. The best years were in middle school when The Lord of the Rings movies were coming out. Those were the best Valentine’s Day cards. I was a complete nerd back then. Well, I am now, too, considering my plans for Valentine’s Day this year (which will be described in my next post). But anyway, I think I’ve toned down my nerdiness somewhat over my adult years…maybe.

I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed about my fondness for Valentine’s Day or my love for sappy love stories, but I just wanted to put it out there.

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