Jane Austen, Part 4: Movie Suggestions

movie suggestions

Today while checking my Facebook page, I unexpectedly received a message from my sister which read, and I quote: “You need to do a new bloggedy blog, you blogger you!” I was extremely flattered by this message, realizing that one of my family members, at least, keeps up with my blog. But I also realized that I need to get on the ball. This break from school has been eating me up. I’ve savored each and every day that I don’t have to write a paper or read a dull textbook–or even glance at my computer! Coming home after work to do whatever I darn well please has been pure luxury.

No doubt, my lazy habits over the past three weeks will be hard to crack when class starts up in–shall I say it?–only four days! Eek! After that ominous day, who knows what my blogging patterns will look like? So, that’s why I’ve decided to obey my sister and get to writing while I’m still free. I’m even going to use this opportunity to write about one of my favorite subjects–Jane Austen!

The topic for part four of my Jane Austen series is “Movie Suggestions.” Those of you keeping up with my blog might remember that I’ve written about Jane Austen movies before. But then again, probably not, because it has been a whopping four months since my last Jane Austen post. So, as a refresher, HERE are my Jane Austen posts to date.

As I was saying, my last post was about Jane Austen movies, but the movies mentioned in this post are different. With this post I wish to provide you all with suggestions of Austen-like movies. More times than I can count, I’ve wished that Jane Austen would have written more books. I love to watch the movies while crocheting or doing homework, etc, but there aren’t many choices, since Austen only wrote seven books. But luckily, there are several movies out there that give me the same feeling that Austen’s stories do. The following list may be short, but it is full of treasures. Just be sure to click on the titles to find out more about each movie!

There are probably more titles hiding in the back of my mind, but I hope that this list will be a start to fulfill your Austen craving. If you know of any more that you think should be on the list, tell me. I’m always on the lookout for new favorite movies!

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