Thankful for: BOOKS!

Over the past month of writing Thanksgiving posts, I have realized that I am extremely thankful for books. Without them, my life as I know it would not exist. This statement might seem a bit drastic, but the more I think about it, the more true it seems to be. Without the existence of books, my life would be different in several ways:

  • The career I have chosen (librarianship) would be nonexistent. Just imagine a world without libraries. It would be bleak indeed. And though I would have a job, it might not be one that I enjoy.
  • My dad loves books. He has hoards of them in his bedroom. When we were kids, he would take us to the library often to explore and check out large stacks of books. That night, we would then all pile into one bed as he read them. Without books, I would not have these good memories. And who knows what my dad would be like without the lifetime influence of books? He definitely wouldn’t have as much knowledge has he does now. And he is very knowledgeable.
  • My taste in everything would be drastically different. I don’t own that many movies, but I’ve realized that over half of the movies that I do own are based on books. Without the contribution of great authors to the entertainment world, I can’t tell what kind of things I would enjoy.
  • I don’t claim to be that smart, but my span of knowledge–without the influence of books–would be pretty limited. During my time growing up, just pleasure reading has sparked my interest in history (which I have actually talked about in a previous post).

These reflect just a few impacts that books have made to my life specifically. A look at the influence of books on the world as a whole would be quite lengthy. Where would we be without books?


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