Thankful for: Snow Days!

I originally wasn’t planning to write this, but–seeing as today is the second snow day I’ve had this season (yesterday being the first), I would like to express my gratitude for snow days and the little unexpected break from work: Thank you, Lord, for snow days!

Usually I’m not too fond of cold weather, and my family can vouch for this. My younger sister, Molly, loves winter more than any other season, so I showed her this:

This isn’t true, of course. I don’t hate my sister, but I am confused about why winter is her favorite season. For me, the only part of winter weather I enjoy is snow days. But this isn’t actually enjoying the weather. It’s really just enjoying a day off. Of course, I do go crazy mad every once in awhile and make a snow man, but at least I can go inside right after and sit by the fire.

This snow day has been wondrous. I have been productive washing dishes and completing homework, but I have also continued putting up Christmas decorations. And don’t judge! It’s not like I put up any decorations in October. I believe that any time after Halloween movies stop playing on TV is an appropriate time to start putting up Christmas decorations. Decorating takes time and effort, so I want plenty of time to enjoy my decorations after I put them up. If I had Thanksgiving decorations, I might might put them up, too.

At the library where I work, we put up a Thanksgiving tree. It’s covered in a fall leaf garland, and we made notes of paper for people to write their blessings on. It’s sort of a transition to Christmas, and is quite a good idea. I didn’t think of it, so I can say that. Here it is:
I have really strayed from talking about snow days, so I guess it’s about time to complete this post. But I’ll say this: For the completion of my snow day, I plan to watch Catching Fire in preparation for Mockingjay this weekend. Eek! I’m so excited!

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