Thankful for: Friendship and New Experiences

Last week, I went to the Oklahoma City Art Museum for the first time ever. I had never ever been there before even though I was in art club in high school, am interested in drawing/painting, and live less than two hours away. There’s really no excuse for me not going before. But, it’s done now, and I got to see some cool sights.

IMG_20141108_173409 IMG_20141108_232056

The truth of the matter is that I probably wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for my friend Ashlee. She is so great and always drives me into the city because I absolutely hate city driving. It’s scary. We’ve done lots of fun things during the past six years of being friends: Feed giraffes, pet sting rays and baby sharks, see Shakespeare in the Park, get our fortunes told at the Renaissance Fair, etc… Without her, I probably would have been sitting in my house whittling away the hours. Even so, it seems like she has to drag me with her places. Sometimes, I want to tell her this:

I really do have hermit-ish ways, but I always enjoy getting out–just need a nudge out of the door, I suppose.

In conclusion, this Thanksgiving–and everything other day of the year–I am thankful for friendship and the new experiences that friends bring.

Ashlee and me with some giraffes
Ashlee and me with some giraffes

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