Doctor Who, Season 8: An Overview (and so many questions)

Last night I finished the latest season of “Doctor Who.” As you see from the title, the season finale left me with some confusion. But first–an overview! Here are some of my thoughts on season 8 of “Doctor Who.” Spoilers included!

  • The Doctor–I absolutely love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. He’s so different from Matt Smith, but–at the same time–he’s perfect as the Doctor. It took me no time at all to get used to him. I just can’t believe he’s the same guy from the Pompeii episode.
  • Clara–I liked her more in the episodes with Matt Smith than with Peter Capaldi. I liked that she could go on a trip with the Doctor and then just pick up with her life. She didn’t act like she had to choose between the Doctor and her normal life, unlike many of the other companions. But then she meets Danny and lies to him about everything, which just confuses me. If she wanted anything to do with Danny, she should have just told him about the Doctor. Just take him on a trip, and he’ll believe you. Not that difficult.
  • Danny–I like Danny, and I like when he and Clara meet. It’s adorable. But then I’m a little annoyed when the Doctor keeps stereotyping him. True, the Doctor isn’t nice to a lot of people, but he absolutely cannot stand Danny. I think this attitude (in combination with Clara’s lies) is what pushes Danny away from the idea of the Doctor. If Clara had been honest with the Doctor and with Danny, everything might have worked out.
  • Missy–So Missy is the Master. I was definitely shocked, but I’m not into the idea.

Overall, I enjoyed the season. It reminds me more of a David Tennant season. It wasn’t so mixed up and confusing as the Matt Smith seasons. But there are also no amazing episodes. Some of the older episodes I can watch over and over again (Blink, Girl in the Fireplace, Tooth and Claw, Human Nature, Turn Left, Vincent and the Doctor, etc.). I’m not so sure these new episodes will make the list.

Now, on to questions. If any one knows the answers to these questions, please share.

  • Why did Missy pair Clara with the Doctor? –She gives a simple explanation, but not a satisfying one. I actually can’t even remember the explanation. Throughout the season, I thought Missy was going to use Clara for some evil purpose, but this never happened.
  • Why is Danny not alive? –Rory dies sooo many times, but he never really dies. So what’s the deal with Danny? In “Listen,” we even see (what I think is supposed to be) Clara and Danny’s great, great, etc…grandson. What’s going on with this? I’m still not convinced of Danny’s death.
  • Who is the boy Danny brought back to life? –We got a little glimpse into this connection, but not enough to stop me from being completely confused.
  • How did the Master (Missy) come back to life? –For goodness’ sake, Master, you’ve risen from the dead almost as many times as Rory. But how? At least the last time, we saw how he was brought back. And how did Missy Master know the location of Gallifrey? Or was that a complete lie?

When the episode ended, I was quite confused. There was too much left unanswered. True, I can go without some of these answers. But I at least want to know about the link between Clara and the guy in “Listen” who looks exactly like Danny. When the little snippet came back on during the credits, I thought some answers would be provided. But no, it was just Santa Claus knocking at the TARDIS door–which I thought was pretty hilarious. Even so, I am looking forward to the next season.


  1. She didn’t know Gallifrey’s location–when he entered the location into the TARDIS that is why he started bashing the console, because there was nothing there at those coordinates.

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