A (Fantastic) Spooky Silent Film

In the spirit of all things fun and Halloween-related, I present to you the most marvelous (five-minute-long) silent film of all time:

The Mystery at Twin Oaks Manor

Let me explain a little. The reason this video is so special is because it was actually made by me and my sister Bethany. It stars my two nephews (Ethan as Mr. Larb and Connor as Mr. Peters–they made the names up themselves), and Bethany plays the ghost. However, I do make a guest appearance as the Scottish maid. And this is back last year when I had long curly hair.

So, go ahead. Watch the video. I dare you to find out what the mystery of Twin Oaks Manor is. Actually, when we first posted the video on Youtube, Connor thought it would be famous. But I think the boys were still pretty impressed by how many views it got…though most of them are from family watching it over and over.

Making this silent film was actually pretty fun. It’s a great activity for kids if you’re willing to put a little work into it. It was inspired by Ethan and Connor’s sudden appreciation for silent films like NosferatuOliver Twist, and Charlie Chaplin movies. All the kids had to do during recording was talk about…anything. They made up conversations and would give random outbursts of laughter. After all the recording was done, we added music and dialogue. Overall, it was a great experience.

We made a sequel (located here), when there were several cousins and other relatives over. They all wanted part of the fun, but it was pretty rushed and chaotic. Everything turned out fine, but there were just so many kids.

That’s about all I have to say. Watch and be inspired. 🙂 But a warning…you just might see my “ghost” hand at some point during the film. And also beware of the voices at the end. That’s my family being weird. But we definitely had a great time!



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