Spooky Movie Time!

It’s officially October, which means…Halloween time! I love Halloween, mainly because of the opportunity to dress up and to eat hoards of candy without anyone questioning. 🙂 One part of Halloween I also enjoy (to an extent) is spooky movies. In my personal definition book, which is only inside my head, “spooky” means: “scary” but without blood and crazy murderers. Get my meaning?
It’s rather odd that this is my first October post because I am a big scaredy cat. I rarely watch scary or spooky movies because my imagination is just too profound to handle it–well, at least that’s what I tell myself. Two of my sisters, on the other hand, could watch a scary movie every week (or perhaps more often). If I watch a spooky movie, I have to stay up for awhile afterwards (with company) in order to forget the immediate fear.

Unfortunately, with a family who loves scary movies, I have been sucked into watching many frightening movies. And I’ve enjoyed them…after I forgot about them a little bit. With that said, here are some of the best spooky movies that I know of. Feel free to share your suggestions, as well. But remember–no blood and no psychos.

1. The ChangelingThis movie was made in the eighties and stars George C. Scott. It’s not too shockingly scary, but there are some creepy aspects, like creeking doors, moving objects, and that old wheelchair that’s on the cover.

2. The Woman in Black: I’m sorry, but there will be no description from me for this movie. Others haven’t been too scared by this movie, but it still freaks me out to think about it. All I’ll say is that I could not sleep the night after I watched it. Seriously–I got up at 4 in the morning because I was freaked out and watched an hour of “The Nanny.”

3. The Others: I haven’t watched this movie in quite awhile, but I still remember the first time I saw a preview for it on TV. I thought to myself that there couldn’t possibly be anything scarier that little girl/old lady in the veil. Still creeps me out.

4. Watcher in the Woods: This is another eighties movies, and it’s really as cheesy as it is scary–maybe because I’ve seen it so many times. This is even great for older kids (if they’re tough).

5. House on Haunted Hill: This is a classic scary movie, and one of the first scary movies I ever remember watching. Last year, we let our niece and nephew watch it. My nephew enjoyed it, and actually wanted to watch it again. But my niece’s reaction to the movie resulted in popcorn all over the floor.

There are more movies I’ve watched, but I don’t really want to think about them. I had to detach myself a bit from this post, so I wouldn’t be too scared just by imagining the movies.


  1. 😀 😀 Loved your quote in the end. I am horrible scary movie watcher…always first one to scream and hide under the blanket (or dig my nails deep into my friends arm…krrrhm) Have to look into these 🙂 Halloween is coming up after all

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