The Ultimate LORD OF THE RINGS Parody Collection

Enjoy The Lord of the Rings books and movies much? Yeah, me too. A lot. I also enjoy some of the Lord of the Rings parodies that people post on YouTube. I have seen plenty of them over the years and have enjoyed some of them so much that I want to share. So today’s your lucky day! Included below is an ultimate Lord of the Rings parody collection. Well, there are only six videos, but they’re all good for laughs. If you like The Lord of the Rings at all AND if you have a sense of humor, then you’ll enjoy these.

If you know of any other funny ones, let me know. 🙂


1. Bilbo Has Gone Mad

This is one of the first LOTR parodies I ever saw. Pretty funny, but it might scare some of the kids.


2. The Lord of the Rings in 5 Seconds

This one’s short, but funny.


3. Lord of the Rings – Parody

This is the silliest of them all, but–again–funny. And it gets funnier the more you watch it.


4. Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

The original video was ten hours long. This is a shortened version. Watch out–it will get stuck in your head.


5. Theoden Just Won’t Let It Go

This is similar to the first one in how it was made…and I love it.


6. LEGO Gollum’s Karaoke

And I’ll finish off with the most recent video I’ve seen. My nephews showed it to me, and I–sadly–know a lot of the words.

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