Jane Austen, Part 3: More Movies

more movies

In my last post, I began leading you all through a Jane Austen movie guide. Take a look at it to find out about the best movie versions for Sense and SensibilityPride and Prejudice, and Mansfield Park. And now for the next three movies…


There are three versions of Emma that I know of, and only one of them is really good. First, there’s the Kate Beckinsale version, made in 1996. It’s a bit slow for my taste, and I don’t really enjoy it. Next, there is the Gwyneth Paltrow version, also made in 1996. Nope, nope, nope to this movie. The only movie you really need for Emma is the 2009 version with Romola Garai. And Mr. Knightly is played by Jonny Lee Miller, who also plays Edmund from Mansfield Park. These  are perfect actors for this movie!

This is way more upbeat than any of the other Jane Austen movies. I guess the book is the same way. Sadly, I haven’t actually read Emma yet. This and Mansfield Park are the only ones I still need to read. But I heard that–after watching this movie–the book is a breeze to get through because the movie matches up with it so well and the characters are so easy to imagine. Now all I need to do is get on the ball and read!

Northanger Abbey

This novel about novels must be the least popular of all Jane Austen’s work, and the not-so-well-known movie is only an hour and a half long. But I still love it! If you read part one of my Jane Austen series, then you’ll know that Mr. Tilney–the hero of this novel–is my all time favorite. And all I need to do is stick on this movie for my little dose of Tilney.

Mr. Tilney is played by JJ Feild, who also plays Mr. Nobley in the movie version of Austenland. He’s so perfect in both of these movies that I think he was actually born back in Austen’s day and was transported to the future in the TARDIS. Have I gone too far? Okay. I’ll just say that he is a tremendous actor who is meant to be in Jane Austen movies…or other similar movies.

Felicity Jones plays Catherine, and she’s perfect for the part. My older sisters can’t stand Catherine, though, because she’s not as calm and wise as Anne Elliot or Elinor Dashwood. But I like her. All she needs is a learning experience, which the events in the book/movie provide her.

Before I watched the movie, I had no idea what the story would be about. So thank you, movie makers, for introducing me to Northanger Abbey.  And thank you even more for introducing me to Mr. Tilney.


Persuasion was never my favorite book or movie, so I can’t decide which movie I like better. The actors are better in the 2007 version. Captian Wentworth is definitely better. But I like the dialog better in the 1995 version. My favorite part in the old movie, of course, is when Captain Wentworth writes a letter professing his love for Anne. And the whole time he’s writing, he’s listening to Anne having a conversation with someone a few feet away about how women love longer than men. Oh, it’s great. After the letter part in the new movie, though, Anne runs and runs and runs all over the city to find Captain Wentworth. I don’t like all the running!

I also like the ending better in the 1995 version–when Captain Wentworth asks for permission to marry Anne in front of everyone. And no one even knows there was anything going on between them!

So that’s the movie guide. Go forth and watch movies. 🙂


  1. The best Persuasion {in my opinion}is the 1971 version. The characters did justice to the dialogue and for once the fashion is quite soothing.

    I agree with you concerning the 2009 Emma version, the others are just boring or a bit unnerving for the most.

    Ohh, I like JJ in Northanger and the film is very nice, the other version 1986 is so ridiculous!

    1. It looks like we agree about Emma and Northanger Abbey, which is good–because they’re both great!

      I’m impressed with how many versions you’ve seen. I need to get get on the ball and watch some more!

      Thanks for commenting! I love to hear what other people think, and I can’t wait to watch more versions! 🙂

      Also, on that other post, I was referring to Doctor Who. 🙂

      1. Ahhhh Dr. Who. I fell in love with Austen’s writing around 2008 and I challenged myself to read all her works and watch all adaptations or films based on her work. There are still some very old adaptations I have not seen and more and more, more films are produced based on one of Austen’s novels.

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