Six Chick Flicks I Actually Enjoy

Right now, I’m watching a romantic comedy, and I just finished devouring a delicious ice cream sandwich. The deal is–though I’ve always been a big ice cream sandwich fan–I’ve never really considered myself as much of a romantic comedy fan. The term “chick flick” has never really been associated with me. That’s why I’m surprised to find myself writing a blog about chick flicks…while watching one at the same time. There are about six romantic comedies that I enjoy, and I’d like to share them with you all. If  there are any people like me who reluctantly watch all the new all of the new romantic comedies coming out, you might just enjoy these.

Dan in Real Life: This is the movie I’m watching right now. It’s just so funny! And it’s not that annoying funny like most comedies nowadays. Steve Carrell (from “The Office”) is the main character, but he’s so different in this movie. I don’t even think of Michael Scott when watching this…which is good. This is a family movie, for sure. And the family in the movie definitely reminds me of my family at parts.

Return to Me: This has been one of my favorites for a long long time. Mulder from “The X-Files” is in it. Who doesn’t like Mulder? Like Dan in Real Life, the comedy in this movie is real (not ridiculous), and the romance is so sweet. But, just a warning, you might keep a box of tissue nearby.

You’ve Got Mail: I’m pretty sure most people with cable have seen this movie because it comes on all the time. And every time I see it on TV, I watch it, at least the last thirty minutes. This movie makes me want to live in New York City, just as long as I can have Kathleen Kelly’s house and bookstore. The last thirty minutes of the movie are the absolute best. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean.

Austenland: This one is a newbie, but it’s made the list already. This is a bit of a parody of Jane Austen’s books, which makes it even better. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jane Austen. I wouldn’t love the movie so much if I didn’t!

Penelope: This is an hour and a half movie about a girl with a pig nose. Sound strange? Well it is. But is has James McAvoy in it, which makes it worth watching. And once you’ve watched it, you’ll like it. It’s super cute and funny.

While You Were Sleeping: Last of all, I’d like to present to you one of the only Sandra Bullock movies that I like. The family in this movie is great. And the story is sweet. And it takes place around Christmas, which makes it a Christmas movie. Score!

And that’s it, folks. Go forth and watch good movies. You won’t regret it…I hope.

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