Planet of the Apes…and Sheep

This last week I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes…for the first time. I’m not talking about the new movie that just came out in theatres. I’m talking about the one before that, the one with James Franco in it. The one that came out over a year ago.

And how did I just now get to watching this fabulous movie? Well, sometimes I get into this weird mood where I will not watch a new movie no matter how good other people say it is. And the deal is, I should have been excited to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes, considering that I own the old Charlton Heston movies.

The presence of James Franco should have also tempted me to watch the movie. James Franco has definitely grown on me since his role in the old Spiderman movies. And you know what I learned about him recently? He has a Ph.D. in English or literature or something like that, which definitely adds to his attractive qualities. Just in case you didn’t know, intelligence is attractive.

Anyway, getting back to the point, I finally watched the movie last weekend. I happened to be in the room for a few minutes while it was playing, and then I couldn’t leave. And now it’s time for me to figuratively hit myself in the head for not watching it earlier.

What specifically did I like about the movie? Well, the references to the old movies, for starters, but also Maurice. Don’t remember Maurice? Well, here’s a reminder.


Oh, Maurice. He’s just so big and orange, and his cheeks are so puffy! I’m super excited that he’s in the new movie! Is that weird?

Another thought about Maurice — You know how Catching Fire was supposed to have a bunch of killer orangutans instead of baboons? Well, I’m glad they changed to baboons. Imagine a bunch of Maurices flying around! I would have enjoyed that too much.

Last week, I got to see apes in person at the zoo. I’ve been to the zoo three times in my entire life — once every decade, actually. Everything was pretty new to me, and I was definitely a child at heart. I hope no one noticed.


This is the gorilla I bonded with. After all the little screaming children left the room, she came over the window, stared at me, and posed for a photo. I put my hand on the window, hoping she would touch it, but apparently that only works in movies. So sad…

So you might be wondering about the title of this post and where sheep could possibly fit in. Well, you’re about to find out. I mentioned here that one (strange) item on my bucket list is to pet a sheep. Well, I finally got to do so during my zoo trip! I must have been the most excited person in the petting zoo.

The accomplishment of one of my bucket list items has inspired me to create a bucket list tab on my blog. Whatever life goals I mention on my blog — no matter how small or seemingly impossible — will be included on the list. The fun part will be crossing off my goals after I accomplish them. I must say, I’m pretty excited.

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